A...When you're gone...L

22. května 2008 v 21:05 | quicky
I Galways needed D/F#time on myEmi own
I never thought IC need you there when ID cry
and the Gdays feel like yeD/F#ars when im Emialone
and the bed where you Clie its made up on yourD side

when Amiyou walk away i count the G/Bsteps that you take
do you Csee how much i need you rightD now

when you're Cgone the Emipieces of myD heart i'm missing you
when you'reC gone theEmi face that came toD know is i'm missing to
when you'reAmi gone the words iC need to hear
to Galways get me D/F#through the Cday and make itD okay

I miss you

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Sloha 2:
I've Gnever felt this D/F#way befEmiore
Everything that IC do, reminds me ofD you
And the Gclothes you D/F#left that lied on the Emifloor
And the small test Clike you, I love the things that youD do

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Bmi, C, GB7
B7 We were made for each other, I keep forever, I know we were yeahh!!!
IEmi know I ever wanted was for you to know
CEverything I do I give my heart and soul
A/C#I can only breathe I need to pity I am when Dme yeahh!!!

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